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Whigs & Warfare

Lawrence Stone discusses warfare and the writing of modern history. Edwin Yoder discusses his latest book, a collection of essays entitled The Unmaking of a Whig (Georgetown University Press, 1990). 604 – Whigs & Warfare

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Unhappy Endings

Michael MacDonald discusses his new book, Sleepless Souls: Suicide in Early Modern England, which he co-wrote with Terrence R. Murphy. Lawrence Stone discusses his new book, Road to Divorce: England, 1530-1987 (Oxford University Press). 549 – Unhappy Endings

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Marriage and Manners

The institutions of marriage and family in European culture are the focus of two separate interviews. First,┬áMichael Screech discusses these subjects as seen through the work of two eminent French writers: the comic poet Rabelais and the essayist Michel de … Continue reading

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