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Big (Con)Science

Tom Regan talks about moral philosophy and mass culture. Robert Smith discusses the history, the importance, and the perils and rewards of big science in American society. 685 – Big (Con)Science

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Finding a Place

Anthony Appiah discusses his most recent book, In My Father’s House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture. Charlayne Hunter-Gault discusses her new book, In My Place. 645 – Finding a Place

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Chinese Women & Wisdom

Zhu Hong discusses contemporary literature by and about Chinese women. Victor Mair talks about his translation of the Tao Te Ching, the classic book of Chinese philosophy and religion. 610 – Chinese Women & Wisdom

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Public Philosophy

Thomas Flynn discusses the life and work of the modern French historian and philosopher Michel Foucault. Richard Rorty discusses philosophy and the politics of the American left. 600 – Public Philosophy

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Sino-Soviet Studies

Nikita Pokrovsky discusses American philosophy and literature. Yang Zhouhan discusses the baroque in English literature. Both scholars reflect on intellectual crosscurrents between their countries and the United States. 486 – Sino-Soviet Studies

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Old Money and New

Roy Weintraub and Neil de Marchi discuss theory in the history and philosophy of economics. Willem Jongman discusses the political economy of the Roman Empire.

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Judging History

Sir Geoffrey Elton discusses theory and the uses of history. Quentin Skinner discusses the foundations of modern political philosophy. 469 – Judging History

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Physics and Philosophy

David Albert and Barry Loewer discuss the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics. During his fellowship year at the Center, Professor Loewer worked on An Investigation of Naturalistic Theories of Intentional Content and Causation. 459 – Physics and Philosophy

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Farmer Philosopher; Ancient Childhoods

Mark Golden discusses childhood in ancient Greece and ways in which children were prepared for adult life in that society through socialization and acculturation. He is the author of Children and Childhood in Classical Athens. In the second segment [13:15], Marjorie Grene, the author … Continue reading

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Science and Ethics, Ancient to Modern

The Rev. Edward Malloy, Phillip Mitsis, and Jennifer Whiting address questions such as these. In what ways do ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates provide models for the study of ethics? How has the philosophy of ethics evolved into the modern world? … Continue reading

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