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Writing God’s Life

Jack Miles provides an overview of his new book, God: A Biography, which won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for biography. In it, he contemplates the life of the Divinity as expressed through a variety of epic roles, from creator to … Continue reading

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The Death of Satan

Literary scholar Andrew Delbanco [NHC Fellow 1990-91, 2002-03] discusses his book, The Death of Satan: How Americans Have Lost the Sense of Evil. Delbanco explains the ways Americans have conceptualized and described evil in political, cultural, and literary terms from … Continue reading

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Religion & American Education

Warren Nord, author of Religion and American Education: Rethinking a National Dilemma, discusses the intersections between religion, the state, and public school systems. ┬áNord makes the case for religious education within public education, stating that while public schools should not … Continue reading

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God Land

Conor O’Brien discusses his study of religion and nationalism, God Land (Harvard University Press). 718 – God Land

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Rethinking Black Belief

Albert Raboteau and David Wills discuss their new narrative and documentary, a history of African American religion. 717 – Rethinking Black Belief

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God’s Own Scientists

Christopher Toumey discusses God’s Own Scientists, his account of creationism and the secular world (Rutgers University Press). 715 – God’s Own Scientists

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Writers and Religion

Susan Ketchin reads from and talks about her new book, The Christ-Haunted Landscape, a study of faith and doubt in the work of 12 Southern writers. She and the Tar Water Band also perform a selection from their new album, … Continue reading

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Bodies of Knowledge

[17 second delay]┬áCaroline Walker Bynum discusses Fragmentation and Redemption, her book of essays about gender and the human body in medieval religion. In the second episode [at 13:00] Patricia Ebrey discusses The Inner Quarters, a study of marriage and social … Continue reading

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Race and Religion

A discussion of the links between ethnicity and early American religion. An exploration of the development of the black church in 19th-century America. 699 – Race and Religion

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Renaissance Ritual and Art

A discussion of the power of ritual from Renaissance Europe to the modern world. A discussion of religion and gender in Renaissance art. 683 – Renaissance Ritual and Art

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