Some SCL Picks to celebrate Black Music Month!

Love music? Looking for something new to read? Check out these three fabulous titles newly available here at the library:

“Despite the influence of blues performance and study as a worldwide phenomenon, no comprehensive and fully annotated reference tool currently exists on the genre. This much needed bibliography fills an important gap in the study of the blues and will prove an indispensable resource for librarians and scholars studying African-American culture, American music, and blues.” (Summary by Syndetic Solutions)

“This book explores the two major reasons for hip-hop culture’s proliferation throughout the world: 1) the global centrality of African American popular culture and the transnational pop culture industry of record companies and entertainment conglomerates; and 2) “connective marginalities” that are extant social inequalities forming the foundation for an “underground” network of hip-hop communities. Both of these levels of hip-hop’s global circulation are based in the youth culture’s Africanist aesthetic, which is an extension of previous black artistic expressions such as verbal word play, polyrhythmic dance improvisations, radical juxtapositions of musical structures, and the folkloric trickster figure. Additionally, the text explores computer technology and the internet in this age of information that also serves hip-hop culture’s globalization.” (Summary by Syndetic Solutions)

“This exciting collection looks at linguistic, cultural and economic aspects of hip hop in parallel and showcases a global scope. It engages with questions of code-switching, code-mixing, the minority language/regional dialect vs. standard dynamic, the discourse of political resistance, immigrant ideologies, youth and new language varieties, and will be essential reading for graduates and researchers in sociolonguistics and discourse analysis.” (Description by Continuum Books)
June is Black Music Month, so stayed tuned for more music-related selections available here @the Stone Center Library!

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