SCL Boredom-Buster #12: "Stereotyping Africa: surprising answers to surprising questions"

Here’s some Boredom-Busting food for thought! Check out today’s non-fiction SCL Pick, featuring a FAQs section on many common myths and stereotypes about Africa and Africans:

Stereotyping Africa: surprising answers to surprising questions, by Emmanuel Fru Doh

  • “Characteristically, Africans in any Western country are asked so many different questions about ‘Africa,’ as Westerners love to refer to the many countries that make up that huge continent, as if Africa were a single nation state. So one begins wondering why it is that Africans, on the other hand, do not refer to individual European countries as “Europe” simply, then the trends and consequences of stereotyping begin setting in just as one is getting used to being asked if Africa has a president, or if one can say something in African. It is some of these questions that Emmanuel Fru Doh has collected over the years and has attempted answering them in an effort to shed some light on a continent that is in many ways like the rest of the world, when not better, but which so many love to paint as dark, backward, chaotic, and pathetic.” (Source: Syndetic Solutions)

Happy reading!

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