Stone Center Library exhibits

April 10-16, 2016 is National Library Week. This year’s NLW theme is “Libraries Transform”. This theme allows us to catch you up on many of the changes we’ve made/initiatives we’ve undertaken, since January 2015, in order to enhance the services we provide to Stone Center Library patrons.

Image of National Library Week 2016: Libraries Transform

We begin our NLW blog series at the entrance to the Library. In the hallway adjacent to the Library, we have used the flat case to promote events being hosted or otherwise supported by the Stone Center Library.
Pictured above, our summer 2015 display featured the university logos of the members of the MURAP cohort as well as information about the series of research skills labs being offered by the library for MURAP students throughout the summer.
Just inside entrance to the Library, we have used our small exhibit cases to feature micro collections owned by the Library. Pictured above is our fall 2015 display of Negro Digest and Black World magazines, donated to us by retired UNC anthropology professor Norris Brock Johnson.
Our current display, pictured above, is about the early history of the Stone Center Library. We hope you’ll stop by to see it before May 15.
Tomorrow’s blog post will feature our most popular service enhancement. Can you guess what it is?

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