Another Open Door

April 10-16, 2016 is National Library Week. This year’s NLW theme is “Libraries Transform”. This theme allows us to catch you up on many of the changes we’ve made/initiatives we’ve undertaken since January 2015, in order to enhance the services we provide to Stone Center Library patrons.

Logo of the National Library Week 2016 theme, “Libraries Transform”

We saved our most dramatic transformation for last. In February, we had a door cut between the workroom and the librarian’s office!

This transformation involved a few noisy, dusty days but our patrons were flexible and understanding, and it was well worth it in the end.

This structural modification effectively makes the librarian’s office, the workroom, and the service desk, a unified service point and allows us to better serve our patrons through improved staff communication.
View from the librarian’s office.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeklong peek into what we’ve been up to at the Stone Center Library. We look forward to seeing you soon!