Help Us Find A.T. Morris of New London, NC

On February 11, 1992, workers renovating a Old West found the above letter buried in a wall. It offers a reward to whoever finds the letter (with the stipulation that the author is still living). I wonder what the reward was.

We’re looking for any information on A.T. Morris of New London, Stanly County, North Carolina, born around 1893, who worked as a metal lather for a dollar an hour (about $13.00/hour now) to renovate Old West where he hid this letter on August 4, 1923.

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  1. Albert Taylor Morris was born in New London 06 March, 1893, in 1930 he lived in Greensboro. He died in Durham on 12 July, 1980. He was the son of Adolphus and Eva (Evinn) Taylor. His first wife Margaret G. was 37 in 1930. His second wife was Gladys Lawson born 24 June, 1912 in Person County and died 13 Nov., 1998 in Durham .

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