Update: A.T. Morris of New London, NC

New London mayor Calvin Gaddy sent us this comment to our recent blog post on A.T. Morris. Here’s what Gaddy had to say:

Albert Taylor Morris was born in New London 06 March, 1893, in 1930 he lived in Greensboro. He died in Durham on 12 July, 1980. He was the son of Adolphus and Eva (Evinn) Taylor. His first wife Margaret G. was 37 in 1930. His second wife was Gladys Lawson born 24 June, 1912 in Person County and died 13 Nov., 1998 in Durham.

Well, I think that settles it. Thanks to Calvin Gaddy for his genealogical research. Albert Taylor Morris is buried alongside his wife Gladys north of Durham about where NC-57 hits US-501.

Now we’d love to get some pictures of Albert and find out about that reward.

(Also, honorable mention goes out to Doug Brown from the North Carolina State Archives, who found an Albert Taylor Morris on ancestry.com. Unfortunately, we’re a little stingier than Albert, so there’s no reward.)