Ice Cold

This Friday will be the first day of Summer, and after the past few hot and sticky days we’ve had here in Chapel Hill I thought we could all use some icy imagery to help us stay cool…


This image, taken after the formidable Ice Storm of December 2002 that coated Chapel Hill in about three quarters of an inch of ice, is from a collection of digital photographs transferred to University Archives from the School of Medicine’s Department of Medical Illustration and Photography.

This collection of digital photographs contains aerial images of campus, shots of buildings and departments on the medical school  and hospital campuses, and more photographs documenting the ice storm and some of the the damage it caused. All of the digital photographs from this collection can be found in the Carolina Digital Repository.

Do you remember this terrible storm?

2 thoughts on “Ice Cold”

  1. Yes I remember! It was my freshman year, living in Hinton James. Someone got ahold of a handful of lunch trays from Chase and, along with some future Men’s Bball champs who resided in HJ North, we slid down the hill between Hinton James and Craig dorms. Great memories!

  2. I remember too, vividly! I was in Cobb. It was my birthday and everything was closed. Also, exams. Didn’t one of the basketball players sprain his wrist sledding on a tray? I vaguely remember that…

    P.S. Hi Mary! 🙂

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