UNC Adds 18th Institution to System: Geometrodynamics University?

Many of the legal issues faced by the UNC General Administration are no laughing matter, but sometimes they do make for some interesting, even humorous, correspondence.

North Carolina law mandates that UNC system institutions receive a license from UNC’s Board of Governors to confer degrees. Because of this, General Administration has found itself playing watchdog when institutions have 1) claimed to be constituents of the university system, or 2) have come under suspicion of being a degree mill.

In this 1984 letter, the former associate vice president of  student services and special programs at UNC General Administration takes a rather serious tone against the founder of “Geometrodynamics University” for awarding himself a doctorate degree in quantum mechanics:

From the unprocessed backlog of General Administration's Legal Affairs Division, #40015, University Archives.
From the unprocessed backlog of General Administration’s Legal Affairs Division, #40015, University Archives.

This is just a relatively lighthearted example of an issue that UNC General Administration has to deal with;  many more examples of similar, and more serious interactions can be found in the archives.