New collections available! Science Fiction! Recreation! Acronyms!

ChimeraCon IV
Chimera Con program covers (composite), in the Chimera Fantasy and Science Fiction Club of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Records #40310-z, University Archives, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

A major initiative started last fall by the University Archives and Records Management Services, in partnership with Wilson Library’s Technical Services department, is to make accessible some of the records hidden away in our unprocessed backlog. While still an ongoing effort, the first fruits of that labor have now seen the light of day, and can be paged in the 4th Floor Reading Room of Wilson Special Collections Library. Full details after the jump.

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God Cancelled!

(From the Program in the Humanities and Human Values records, University Archives, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.)

One of our processors, Jennie Halperin, found this unintentional (?) pun while combing through the Program in the Humanities and Human Values records.

Hey kid, I’m a computer.

UNIVAC 1105 in the Carolina Computation Center, Phillips Hall in the Academic Technology and Networks of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Records #40224, University Archives, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

A new University Archives collection is available as of last week. Academic Technology and Networks (ATN), a predecessor of  Information Technology Services (ITS), includes many of the files of Judith Hallman, who worked for the university in a number of technological capacities before her retirement and whose contributions to the development of computing on campus will be felt for years to come.

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And We’re Live in 3… 2… 1…

Among the fresh crop of collections now open for research are a few which display two of UNC’s most publicly visible institutions, radio station WUNC and television station UNC-TV.  Their records provide a glimpse into the inner functionings of these stations, those parts that aren’t broadcast from Chapel Hill to Manteo.

Charles Kuralt (left) and Kent Jackson (right) doing a radio dramatization during the dedication ceremonies for WUNC Radio, in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Photographic Laboratory Collection #P0031, North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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New and Revised Finding Aids for University Archives

Below is a list of new and revised finding aids to collections held in the University Archives. These finding aids include a brief description of the contents of the collection, historical information about the department from which the records originated, and a container listing of the collection’s contents. For questions about these collections, please contact Wilson Special Collections Library at

Center for International Understanding (#40356):

Department of Religious Studies (#40340):

Employee Forum (#40299):

Honors Office (#40229):

North Carolina Education Research Council (#40311):

North Carolina Health Careers Access Program (#40219):

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, North Carolina Xi (#40334):

University Managers’ Association (#40296):

WUNC (#40278):

Campus Y (#40126):

Department of Art: (#40077):

Department of Chemistry (#40079):

Department of Dramatic Art (#40080):

Department of English and Comparative Literature (#40081):

Department of History (#40082):

Department of Music (#40235):

Department of Physics and Astronomy (#40084):

Department of Radio, Television & Motion Pictures (#40086):

Institute of Marine Sciences (#40068):

Library Business Administration and Social Sciences Reference Department (#40050):

Library Humanities Reference Department (#40051):

Library Staff Development Committee (#40063):

North Carolina Botanical Garden (#40072):

Office of the Chancellor: Christopher C. Fordham (#40024):

Office of the Chancellor: Paul Hardin (#40025):

Office of the Chancellor: Michael Hooker (#40026):

Office of the Chancellor: William O. McCoy (#40227):

Office of the Chancellor: James Moeser (#40228):

Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine (#40118):

Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement (#40132):

Order of the Gorgon’s Head (#40300):

Order of the Grail-Valkyries (#40161):

School of Education (#40043):

University of North Carolina Network Television (UNC-TV) (#40258):

“A Dialogue Between Old and New” and “Knowledge Building(s)”

Two new exhibits featuring University Archives materials are on display in the North Carolina Collection Gallery and the Davis Library Gallery starting this week!

A Dialogue Between Old and New and Knowledge Building(s) Posters

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Selected Dialectic Society Records Digitized as Part of a Documenting the American South Project

As part of the digitization of the Joseph Lawrence Dusenbery’s journal for “Verses and Fragments: The James L. Dusenbery Journal (1841-1842)“, a few selected documents  from the records of the Dialectic Society held in the University Archives have also been digitized.

These documents include an address to the Dialectic Society by his brother, Edwin Lafayette Dusenbery, in 1845, and the Dialectic Society Library Circulation  Records of Joseph, and two other brothers, Henry Mcrorie and William Brevard.

Dusenbery’s journal is the “heart” of this online resource. Kept by him during his senior year, the journal is an amazing resource for those interested in student life at UNC in 1841 and 1842.

Electrifying the UNC Campus

Though electricity now seems to pump endlessly and uninterrupted through the university system and hospitals, the role that Energy Services at the University of North Carolina has played over the past forty years has changed significantly.  From approximately 1895 to 1976, Energy Services at UNC was the sole provider of electricity to the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  In 1977 with the sale of their resources to Duke Power (now Duke Energy), the University’s Energy Services focused their attention on only the campus.

It seems strange to think of the University functioning without electricity, but it did for over one hundred years, until a Physics professor named Joshua Gore took steps to electrifying the town for what he claimed were safety reasons.  Here in the University Archives, we just processed the records of the Department of Energy Services.  The records primarily focus on 1977 to 2000, but one can also find maps and drawings dating from the 1930s and 1940s.  The records detail some incredibly interesting pieces of information—how did the university modernize for the year 2000?  How did energy services check for PCBs after the controversies of the 1980s?  What really happens behind the scenes every time you turn on a light switch on campus?

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Speaking Bans and Speaking-Out

Image courtesy of the Daily Tar Heel

As a graduate student, I feel a bit removed from student organizations, but yesterday I talked with some students with a banner and a loud boombox right outside of Wilson Library entreating the University to “Occupy UNC.”

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New Acquisition

Thanks to the generosity of Jennifer Manning (’89, ’91 MSLS), a founding member of UNITAS, a multicultural living and learning program at UNC, the University Archives now has material documenting the history of this organization, including a photograph of the charter members from 1987-1988 and a copy of the Daily Tar Heel insert, Omnibus, from September 17, 1987 that describes the purpose of UNITAS.

For more information on UNITAS, visit their website at:

Jennifer read about our efforts to collect the records of student organizations in the Carolina Alumni Review (  She has offered to contact her friends for additional material as well as pledged to make a monetary donation to the University Archives for every donation her and her friends make.

Thanks you Jennifer for supporting the University Archives and helping our efforts to document the history of student organizations at UNC.

UNITAS Charter Members, 1987-1988
Photograph of the UNITAS Charter Members, 1987-1988, taken in front of Carmichael Dormitory in the Fall of 1987

Front row, left to right:
Jewel Ward, Jennifer Manning, Barbara Ross, Shiho Koda, Jeff Shipman, Donna Leinwand, Chrystal Redding.

Second row, left to right:
Mona Sheth, Amy Shutz, Beth Yongue (hugginh “Chilly” Nguyen), Chinh “Chilly” Nguyen, Robert D’Arruda, “Bud” Thornton Long (in striped shirt), Tim Dore.

Third row, left to right:
Samir Amin (standing, in blue shirt), Traci Hopkins, Marvin Peguese, Leah Kim, Nick Ackerman (with arms crossed), Rachel Stiffler, Ann Bunge (standing, white shirt).

Also: Suresh “Jay” da Silva (in shorts, far right).
Next to him:  Jovan Jones.
Behind them: Faculty advisor, Dr. Craig Calhoun (now at NYU in the Dept. of Sociology).
Next to Jovan Jones: Faculty advisor, Dr. Trudier Harris (now a visiting scholar-in-residence at the University of Alabama).
Above Nick Ackerman: Priti Shah and Rachel Stiffler.
Very back left: Laurie Winkler (in red sweater)
Waving hand in upper far right: James Benton

Do you know any others?  If so, please contact us.