The Legacy Digital Media Project

For about a year and half now, we have been developing a project at Wilson to acquire material from digital storage media in processed collections and make it available in the Carolina Digital Repository. Having finished the research, workflow development, and testing phases, we have started to implement the project and are making some of these materials available in the CDR as we work through the processed collections.  This project aims both to preserve the material safely (instead of on storage media that can be fragile) and to provide easier access to the material for researchers in the collections at Wilson Library.


The material we’re working with is stored on media including 3 1/2 inch, 5 1/4 inch, and 8 inch floppy disks, zip disks, and optical disks like CDs and DVDs.  Some of the material, such as the material on the CDs and DVDs, has been accessible via listening or viewing copies, but the material on the other formats will made available for the first time.  We are very excited about getting this material to users, so please keep an eye out for further posts as we make new collections available in the CDR.