UNC Library staff attend Open Repositories 2018

Several members of the UNC Libraries staff attended the Open Repositories conference in Bozeman, Montana.  This annual conference provides a venue for repository managers, developers, staff and administrators from all over the world to discuss new developments and best practices for repositories.  Highlights of the conference included:

  • Casey Fiesler (University of Colorado, Boulder) spoke about the creation of Archive of Our Own, a community-developed and maintained fan fiction repository
  • Eric Kaltman (Carnegie Mellon University) explained how his group has integrated liaison librarians into their data deposit services
  • Mariya Maistrovskaya (University of Toronto) presented strategies to collect faculty post-prints for their institutional repository
  • Andrea Schuler (Tufts University) shared how she collected undergraduate final projects for her repository
  • Rachel Smart (Florida State University) reported on utilities and workflows that she used to identify content for her repository

As previously announced, UNC librarians Julie Rudder and Rebekah Kati spoke at the conference about the new data curation service for the CDR.  Their slides are available in the CDR and on OSF.

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