Legacy finding aids update

The latest group of updated and encoded legacy finding aids has just been posted online. Some of the notable collections in this group are:

Ella Noland MacKenzie Papers, #3667

Ella Noland MacKenzie of Glen Ora, near Leesburg, Loudon County, Virginia was the daughter of Lloyd and Elizabeth Noland. She married physician John Carrerre MacKenzie (died 1866) of Baltimore, Md. The collection contains the family and personal correspondence of Ella Noland MacKenzie. Included are letters from Ella while in school in Virginia and Baltimore, Md., 1844-1850; visiting her aunt, Sara (Hollingsworth) Gibson, wife of Dr. William Gibson (1877-1868), in Philadelphia, Pa., 1850-1851; the Nolands and other relatives in Virginia and from members of the MacKenzie family and friends in Baltimore, pertaining chiefly to plantation life, social conditions, and women’s activities, 1852-1860; scattered letters regarding difficulties experienced by the Nolands and MacKenzies in Virginia and Maryland during the Civil War, 1861-1865; letters written during Reconstruction including correspondence with relatives in Europe, 1865-1870; and scattered letters, 1870-1886. Incidents mentioned include the sale of slaves and property from an estate, 1849; a slave uprising near Glen Ora, 1856; descriptions of public sentiments toward the South in Philadelphia, 1861; the departure of one branch of the family for Europe in voluntary or involuntary exile, and the arrest of John Carrerre MacKenzie as a Confederate sympathizer, 1864.

Harriet Hardison Robson Papers, #4203

Harriett Hardison Robson (b. 1899) of Wadesboro, N.C., was married to C. J. Canaga, a United States Army officer, and from 1927-1931 they lived in Peking, China where he was assigned as a language officer and military attache. The collection consists primarily of letters from Robson to her mother written while she was living in Peking. The letters describe Peking, the military and political struggle between Nationalist and Communist forces for control of the Chinese government, Chinese customs, trips to historic sites around Peking and to northern provinces, and social activities among the foreign legations in Peking. Also included are a drawing of William Henry Donald, a few clippings, and a Christmas card. Additionally, there are 51 photographs taken in the northern provinces of China and the Hawaiian Islands.

D. H. Duryea Letters, #3595-z

D. H. Duryea was a solider in the 1st Minnesota Regiment and served with General William T. Sherman’s army during the march through Georgia and the Carolinas. The collection contains letters from D. H. Duryea to his wife at home while he was serving in the Civil War. The letters discuss troop movements, rations shortages, conditions in Decatur, Ala., and Savannah, Ga., cotton, and prisoners captured.

A complete list of all updated and encoded legacy finding aids can be found here.