Legacy finding aids update

The latest group of updated and encoded legacy finding aids has just been posted online. Some of the notable collections in this group are:

Mary Farrow Credle Papers, #1853

Mary Elizabeth Farrow Credle (1881-1946) was the daughter of Wilson T. Farrow (1837-1916) and Mary Elizabeth (Respess) Farrow (1846-1905). The collection contains chiefly business papers (deeds, accounts, receipts, contracts, letters), but also personal correspondence preserved by Mary Farrow Credle from preceding generations of the Credle family, Farrow family, and Respess family in Beaufort County and Hyde County, N.C. Members of the families were engaged in coastwise shipping, maintaining ships, buying and selling lands and slaves, farming and other businesses. Included are papers of Isaiah Respess, merchant and trader, who was imprisoned alternately by the Confederate and Federal authorities during the Civil War; the Reverend Joseph B. Hinton (1788-1872), antebellum state legislator, of Beaufort County and Raleigh, N.C.; Wilson T. Farrow (1837-1916) of Ocracoke Island and Washington, N.C.; and their kin.

Louis and Mildred Graves Papers, #4010

Louis Graves (1883-1965) was a writer, journalist, and founder of the Chapel Hill (N.C.) Weekly, and married his wife, Mildred Moses Graves (1892-1976), in 1921. The collection comprises personal and professional papers of Louis Graves. Family correspondence includes letters to Louis Graves’s mother, Julia Charlotte Hooper Graves (1856-1944); his sister, Mary Graves Rees (1886-1953); and his brothers, Ralph Graves (1878-1939) and Ernest Graves (1880-1953); as well as letters to and from Mildred Graves’s father, Edward Pearson Moses (1857-1948); her brother, Herbert Moses; her nephew, Edward Kidder Graham Junior (1911-1976); and her niece, Allen Claywell Irvine. Included in the professional correspondence are letters to and from writers; newspaper editors; publishers; academic figures, chiefly at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill; North Carolina political figures; and readers of the Chapel Hill Weekly.

Cotten Family Papers, #3589

Cotten family members include Robert Randolph Cotten of Pitt County, N.C., his wife, Sallie (Southall) Cotten, (1846-1929), and their children and grandchildren. The collection includes family correspondence of Robert Randolph Cotten, of his wife, Sallie (Southall) Cotten, and of their children and grandchildren. Sallie (Southall) Cotten’s papers concern women’s rights, state and national women’s organizations, women’s war work, 1916-1918, the Virginia Dare Memorial Association, and her many other interests and activities, as well as family and social matters.

A complete list of all updated and encoded legacy finding aids can be found here.