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Who Made Humankind?

Edward Larson and Christopher Toumey discuss American attitudes toward creationism and the theory of evolution. They examine the spectrum of beliefs among Americans from strict creationism, through “long earth history” creationism, to strict Darwinism. They compare the Baconian method of … Continue reading

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Demography and Degeneration

Richard Soloway’s study of eugenics and the declining birth rate in Britain during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries casts light on the movement that signaled the beginning of modern genetics and social biology. Soloway brings into the discussion … Continue reading

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Evolution and the Victorians

In scientific and cultural terms, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution stimulated intense reaction and controversy among his Victorian English contemporaries. What did evolution mean to the nineteenth-century British society in which it first found currency? What were the reactions when … Continue reading

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