(1) Feminism in America; (2) Review of “Woman and the Demon”

What is the status of feminism in America in 1984? Elizabeth Fox-Genovese discusses its origins, and its impact on women, social classes, and politics. She defines feminism, and compares and contrasts feminism to the women’s movement.

The episode concludes with a review by scholar Patricia Meyer Spacks of Nina Auerbach’s book Woman and the Demon: The Life of a Victorian Myth.

At the time of this interview, Fox-Genovese, a Fellow at the National Humanities Center (1984-85),was professor of history at State University of New York at Binghamton.

Spacks, a Fellow at the Center (1982-83, 1988-89) and a trustee of the Center, was professor of English at Yale University.

This edition of Soundings was conducted by Wayne J. Pond.


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