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Professing Feminism

Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge, authors of Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women’s Studies, offer an insider’s look at feminism in the academy. 732 – Professing Feminism

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Powerful Women

Jean O’Barr discusses her new book, Engaging Feminism: Students Speak Up & Speak Out. Lynne Roller discusses mother goddesses in the ancient Mediterranean world. 651 – Powerful Women

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Feminism Without Illusions

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese discusses her new book, Feminism Without Illusions (University of North Carolina Press). Bouthaina Shaaban discusses her new book, Both Right and Left Handed: Arab Women Talk About Their Lives (Indiana University Press). 579 – Feminism Without Illusions

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The Tyranny of Sex

According to William Kerrigan, “men have trouble getting love and desire to mate in their souls.” Drawing insights from English Renaissance literature, he warns against self-congratulating modernity and argues for an integrated vision of woman. Kerrigan comments on men’s dual … Continue reading

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Literature, Philosophy, and Feminism

According to Alison Jagger and Martha Vicinus, in separate interviews, feminism addresses not only the methods and content of literary and philosophical inquiry, but also, in the late 1980s, seeks a restructuring of literature and philosophy as primarily influenced by masculine interests and … Continue reading

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(1) Afro-American Literature; (2) African Philosophy

bell hooks is the author of Ain’t I a Woman and Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, in which she argues that the struggle to end racism and the struggle to end sexism are naturally intertwined. In both works, hooks … Continue reading

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Contemporary Women’s Studies

Myra Jehlen sees much historical and literary scholarship about women in the mid-1980s as paradoxical. This stems from what she describes as an inherent alienation in which feminist writers are torn between critical comment and ideological opposition. In the second segment … Continue reading

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Women, Philosophy, and Public Policy

The United Nations Decade for Women, 1976-85, brought attention worldwide to women’s issues in politics, culture, and social development. How has the status of women in the modern world changed during the first two-thirds of the twentieth century? With regard … Continue reading

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Literary Inquiry Today, Part 1 of 2

Annette Kolodny offers some answers to questions about literature and criticism. Does literature matter in everyday life? Beyond issues in formal education, how do literary creation and criticism relate to concerns and questions in politics and popular culture? By way of … Continue reading

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History, Science, and Gender

In two conversations, the first with Bonnie Smith, Soundings addresses questions of gender, history, science, and the beginnings of feminist theory. Does gender determine viewpoint in the writings of history and the practice of science? Are history and science definable … Continue reading

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