Social Aesthetics, Part 1 of 2: Architecture and American Social Values

Is architecture primarily artistic or technical in its nature? To what extent does modern architecture spring from humanistic as well as scientific resources? How does modern architecture connect to the problems and challenges of American urban issues? These questions are addressed by Charles Blitzer, George Hartman, Claude McKinney, and Kenneth Severens.

At the time of this interview, Blitzer was director of the National Humanities Center. Hartman, architect of the Center building, was a partner in Hartman/Cox in Washington, D.C.  McKinney, a trustee of the Center, was dean of the School of Design at North Carolina State University. Severens, a Fellow at the Center (1982-83), was professor of architectural history at the College of Charleston.

This edition of Soundings was conducted by Wayne J. Pond.

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