August 2019 CDR Updates

After the successful launch of the new CDR, we’ve been hard at work on exciting new features!

Date Slider

On the CDR results page, the date limiter now includes a slider which enables filtering by a specific year or a date range. The graph below the slider displays the amount of content in the repository that was published in that date range.


Advanced Search

The advanced search can be used to create more powerful searches in the CDR. To access the Advanced Search, click on the “Advanced Search” link below the search bar on the CDR homepage.

To use the Advanced Search, type your keywords into the appropriate search box. The “Search tips” box may help you formulate your query. Use the fields in the “AND have these attributes” section to narrow your search.

Video Tutorials

The CDR Help site now contains demonstration videos for our “How To” articles. Many thanks to Lynnee Argabright for creating the videos!

Additional Updates

Finally, we’ve fixed a few bugs and added additional metadata to each work to aid indexing.
We welcome your feedback on the new CDR and these changes. Please contact us!

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