More than 5000 articles added to CDR

Over the past few weeks, we’ve added over 5000 UNC-authored articles to the CDR. These new articles were published from 2016-2018 and are primarily focused on science, technology and mathematics.

We identified these articles through a report from 1Science, which we purchased in May 2018. Although the article list that the report generated was extensive, we had to do a lot of work in order to make it usable for the CDR, including:

  • Rewriting portions of the download script to prevent overwriting of file names
  • Identifying and obtaining missing or incorrect metadata
  • Normalizing metadata, including mapping author affiliations to the CDR’s internal department list
  • Identifying embargo periods
  • Writing a script to ingest the articles into the CDR
  • Multiple quality assurance checks

This list represents work from the Repository Services, Software Development, Infrastructure Management and Library Data Strategy and Services departments.

Now that the first batch has been completed, we hope to load a second batch soon. However, these articles are only one component of our initiatives to increase the number of scholarly articles in the Carolina Digital Repository. Read more about our recent initiatives to review faculty CVs and identify coronavirus-related research for deposit. If you’d like to deposit your work in the CDR, please contact us!

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