Storytelling Ideas

There are many ways to tell a story: through exhibits, digital projects, unfurlings, or participatory events.

Pick the style that tells your story best and use these guidelines to keep you organized and on track.

Storytelling Ideas Infographic

Download as a printable PDF:

Exhibit Panels & Labels

Use a traditional model that lets people walk through a space and engage with objects and stories at their own pace. The objects are connected by written text and labels.

Digital Projects

Make your story widely accessible online by using digital programs. You can easily incorporate audio, film, and text to tell a complex story.


An unfurling is an informal method of inviting people to interact with materials and hear your story. Select a few items that are meaningful to you and tell the story as people engage with physical materials from your collection.

Participatory Events

Create an event where visitors are fully involved. Put sticky notes on a wall that relate to a big idea, tell a story while cooking a favorite recipe, or show photos and have everyone share a memory.