Physical Space Mapping Kit

The physical space mapping kit contains tools that will help a community document a physical space. This kit responds to community partners interested in documenting rapidly changing areas (largely due to gentrification), as well as documenting underserved or forgotten community spaces, such as burial grounds and school buildings.

Tools: Portable microphone, polaroid camera, polaroid film, sleeve protectors, manila folders, small tripod, and scrapbook binder

Community Example: Dunbar School was a segregated African American school for grades 1-12, located within a historically Black town named East Spencer, North Carolina. The permanent closure of Dunbar following desegregation held the potential for the memories within this tight-knit community to disappear. Archival Seedling partner Whitney Peckman and her collaborators Nan Lund and Syed Ahmad are combatting this erasure by documenting the physical space of Dunbar through photos and oral histories. To learn more about Dunbar School and this Seedling project, please visit: