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North Carolina Miscellany is a blog produced, edited, and maintained by the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The North Carolina Collection, located in historic Wilson Special Collections Library, is the state’s premier collection of published materials documenting the history, literature, and culture of the Tar Heel state. The collection is free and open to the public.

North Carolina Miscellany includes regular posts discussing new and upcoming books on North Carolina topics, state history in the news, treasures from the stacks of the North Carolina Collection, and general “Tar Heelia.”

North Carolina Collection
CB # 3930, Wilson Library
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514-8890
Reference questions: (919) 962-3765 or wilsonlibrary@unc.edu
Curatorial staff: (919) 962-1172


Other North Carolina Miscellanies

We are aware of at least a couple of other publications that have used the title “North Carolina Miscellany.” Richard Walser, longtime English professor at North Carolina State University and noted authority on Tar Heel literature, edited The North Carolina Miscellany (UNC Press, 1962), a collection of short sketches on North Carolina people, places, incidents, folklore, and “oddments and observations.” Walser’s description of the book might well apply to this website: “This book of miscellaneous selections about North Carolina or by North Carolinians was projected on the assumption that there are thousands of readers, like me, who have an unashamed curiosity about what has transpired on the byways as well as the throughways of life in our state.”

The earliest publication by this title that we could find is an Edenton newspaper published in 1832 and 1833. This Miscellany was published weekly and was devoted to “general news, politics, literature, religion, commerce, and agriculture.”


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5 thoughts on “About North Carolina Miscellany”

  1. I am trying to find out where I COULD get a copy of the Collard Poems that were published in 1984 Ayden North Carolina ….name of the poem I AM TRYING TO FIND is ODE TO THE LEAVES OF GREEN….IF YOU KNOW WHERE I might be able to find this pease let me know….thanks
    Jeannie Hardee

  2. Is there a paper version of the blog? I found this trying to help my dad figure out what ever became of the “Chapel Hill Weekly”, and I think he’d enjoy it, but he’s not on a computer.


    James Beeler ’84
    James R. Beeler ’42

  3. James,
    I’m glad that you want to share the blog with your father. Sadly, we don’t produce a paper version of North Carolina Miscellany. Maybe you could print out a few posts for him. Or, maybe it’s time to get him a computer!

    John Blythe
    North Carolina Collection

  4. Greetings,

    Could you put me in touch with Lew Powell? I have a question about a 1984 piece he wrote for the Observer.

    With thanks,
    Tom Vinciguerra

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