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Leading Chinese

Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, is reputed to have described 20th-century China as a puzzle wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a mystery. David Strand offers a less dramatic but no less revealing perspective on modern-day Chinese society. Professor … Continue reading

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The Hundred Secret Senses

“Novelist Amy Tan discusses her latest best-seller, The Hundred Secret Senses, an evocation of sisterhood and family secrets in modern San Francisco and 19th-century China.” [Wayne Pond] 805 – The Hundred Secret Senses

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The China Trade

Jin Di talks about his translation into Chinese of James Joyce’s classic work, Ulysses. Frederic Wakeman discusses the Chinese-American slave trade during the 19th-century. 710 – The China Trade

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Bodies of Knowledge

[17 second delay]┬áCaroline Walker Bynum discusses Fragmentation and Redemption, her book of essays about gender and the human body in medieval religion. In the second episode [at 13:00] Patricia Ebrey discusses The Inner Quarters, a study of marriage and social … Continue reading

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Chinese-American Crosscurrents

Jing Wang discusses human rights and American popular culture in mainland China. Cho-Yun Hsu discusses political crosscurrents between China nad the United States. 667 – Chinese-American Crosscurrents

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The Civil Society Part 4

Eduardo Rabossi discusses human rights in Argentina. Zhang Zhilian discusses intellectuals and politics in contemporary China. 605 – The Civil Society Part 4

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Houses on Fire

Ariel Dorfman discusses his most recent collection of stories, My House is on Fire (Viking, 1990). Gao Xi-Qing and Jonathan Ocko discuss political reform in the People’s Republic of China. 519 – Houses on Fire

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Chinese Justice

Jonathan Ocko discusses his study of Chinese justice between the 17th and early 20th-centuries, a project entitled Pingfan, Righting Wrongs: Concepts of Justice in Late Imperial China. 508 – Chinese Justice

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Culture and Politics in Asia and the Far East

Asia and the Far East are parts of the world that are still little known to most Americans in the mid-1980s. Toward an understanding of two very different but important aspects of societies and cultures in Asia and the Far … Continue reading

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