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Consolidating Freedom

“Throughout the 20th-century civil societies have been crucial both to emerging as well as established democracies worldwide. This week on Soundings Wayne Ponds interviews a¬†group of scholars who recently convened in Costa Rica talk about their prospects for civil societies … Continue reading

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Christians Centuries

How has Christianity changed over the last 700 years? A comparison of Christianity in 12th-century Europe with Christianity today. 743 – Christians Centuries

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War and Democracy

A discussion of the Nazi occupation of Greece and its impact on that country’s social and economic culture and a reflection on the history of democracy in 20th-century Europe. 720 – War and Democracy

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Artists and Audiences

What do American movies of 40 years ago have in common with European painting between the years 1500 and 1700? Ronald Moore and Ivan Olson discuss arts education in America and present an overview of a recent conference on the … Continue reading

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Renaissance Ritual and Art

A discussion of the power of ritual from Renaissance Europe to the modern world. A discussion of religion and gender in Renaissance art. 683 – Renaissance Ritual and Art

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Improvised Europeans

Alex Zwerdling discusses his new book, Improvised Europeans: American Literary Expatriates and the Anglo-Saxon Legacy. 674 – Improvised Europeans

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Rethinking European Lit

A talk about satire and structure in early modern French literature. A discussion of new perspectives on Old English literature. 673 – Rethinking European Lit

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Lives in Between

Leo Spitzer talks about his book, Lives in Between, an account of social assimilation and social margins in the lives of three families from Europe, South America, and West Africa. 665 – Lives in Between

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Manly Rituals

A discussion of his new book, Southern Hunting in Black and White. A discussion of his new book, Mad Blood Stirring, about vendettas and masculine honor in Renaissance Europe. 657 – Manly Rituals

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Flowers & Famines

Jack Goody talks about the anthropology of flowers in African and European cultures. James McCann discusses People and the Plow, his study of farming and famine in modern Ethiopia. 613 – Flowers & Famines

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