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Praising Provence

The south of France has inspired generations of writers, among them Peter Mayle, the author of best sellers such as A Year in Provence, A Dog’s Life, and his latest, Anything Considered. He was recently at the National Humanities Center … Continue reading

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Memoirs, Personal & Professional

Alice Kaplan talks about a memoir about her love affair with France. Teresa Phelps discusses The Coach’s Wife, her memoir of education and big-time basketball. 704 – Memoirs, Personal & Professional

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Romantic and Idealist

Charles Capper discusses his biography of Margaret Fuller, the 19th-century American feminist. Naomi Schor discusses her new book, George Sand & Idealism, her reappraisal of the most popular author in 19th-century France. 702 – Romantic and Idealist

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Rethinking European Lit

A talk about satire and structure in early modern French literature. A discussion of new perspectives on Old English literature. 673 – Rethinking European Lit

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Commentary on Mother’ Day; Arts Theatrical, Arts Medical

A commentary about Mother’s Day.; A discussion of Brownstein’s account of stardom and 19th-century French theatre, Tragic Muse: Rachel of the Comedie-Francaise. Edward Cohen discusses Henley’s in Hospital, his chronicle of poetry and the medical arts in Victorian England. 658 … Continue reading

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Sustaining Earth, Handling Heredity

Richard Burian discusse Handling Heredity, his study of the interplay of science and culture in 19th and 20th-century France. A discussion of Earth Summit 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. 631 – Sustaining Earth, Handling Heredity

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The Civil Society Part 3

Robert Darnton traces political censorship from 18th-century France into contemporary Europe. Conor Cruise O’Brien discusses civil societies around the globe. 602 – The Civil Society Part 3

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Public Philosophy

Thomas Flynn discusses the life and work of the modern French historian and philosopher Michel Foucault. Richard Rorty discusses philosophy and the politics of the American left. 600 – Public Philosophy

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Historical Labors

Dirk Philipsen and Leonid Gordon talk about labor and political culture in contemporary Eastern Europe. Jacques Ranciere and Donald Reid talk about French labor history. 565 – Historical Labors

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Engendered States

Anna Clark discusses the sexual politics of London during the early 19th-century. Sarah Hanley discusses family formation and state building in early modern France. 547 – Engendered States

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