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War and Remembrance

A discussion of the history of World War II, Nazi Germany, and popular memory of the Holocaust. 719 – War and Remembrance

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History Up Close and Personal

Leo Spitzer discusses the Holocaust, cultural memory, and the personal dimensions of the historian’s craft. Fritz Stern reflects on recent German history from personal and professional perspectives. 692 – History Up Close and Personal

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Ritual and Myth, Then and Now

A discussion of ritual play in ancient Greek religion and its contemporary echoes. A discussion of Old Norse and Germanic myths and their modern meanings. 634 – Ritual and Myth, Then and Now

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Reason and Religion

A discussion Of George Marden’s new book, The Secularization of the Academy (Oxford University Press). A discussion of reason, religion, and the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. 619 – Reason and Religion

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In two conversations about creative crosscurrents between Europe and the United States, Rita Dove discusses Durer’s Beauty, her sequence of poems about the German artist Albrecht Durer, and Robert ter Horst discusses the American historian Henry Adams and the Bloomsbury … Continue reading

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German Witnesses

Lynne Tatlock discusses the rhetoric of fact in 17th-century German literature. Fred Viebahn discusses his novel The Stain (Story Line Press, 1988). 471 – German Witnesses

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Politics in Transition

Lynn Hunt discusses sexuality, gender, and the French Revolution. Larry Eugene Jones discusses the German Right and the Nazi seizure of power between 1928 and 1934. 454 – Politics in Transition

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