Appomattox so upset him that he… did nothing

“[A] North Carolinian, Dick Ragland, a man of a wealthy plantation family… swore an oath, upon hearing of Lee’s surrender, that he would not lift a finger to work so long as he lived.

“Ragland also vowed that he would never cross to the north side of the Potomac, or stray south of Atlanta, Georgia. Until after 1910 he tramped the South as a vagrant, shaggy and ragged, with a  pack on his back, carrying a long stick with a bayonet fixed on its end.”

— From “Our Incredible Civil War” by Burke Davis (1960)

Davis sources this item in neither his acknowledgments nor his bibliography, and when I asked him about it many years after publication he couldn’t recall it all (not surprising for someone who wrote 57 books). An Internet search for details was similarly fruitless.

Any Dick Ragland experts in Miscellany land?

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