It’s back to school time! Recipes from the collection

It’s back to school time here at UNC and the campus is abuzz with students. Here are a few pointers from our cookbook collection on how to survive cooking during dorm life.

On Campus Cookbook

Beware buying in bulk from On campus cookbook.

Beware buying in bulk from On campus cookbook.

Quick Breakfasts to get you going from On campus cookbook.

Essentials for your dorm room kitchen from On campus cookbook.

Creamy Taco Dip from On campus cookbook.

Egg Cups from On campus cookbook.

‘Another channel of American writing was opened’

On this day in 1929: Maxwell Perkins finishes editing Thomas Wolfe’s “Look Homeward, Angel.” Number of words trimmed: 90,000.

From John Walsh in the Independent of London: “When a novel by the hopeless title ‘O Lost’ was discovered on the Scribner’s unsolicited manuscripts pile, Perkins was told to make something publishable out of it. He made thousands of notes, analysed every scene, suggested cuts and changes but delighted the author by insisting he retain the coarse, vulgar and obscene bits. ‘Look Homeward, Angel’ [as renamed by Perkins] was published and another channel of American writing was opened….”