What’s football without locker room chatter?

“Hindsight is 50-50.”

— Pittsburgh coach Walt Harris, defending his unsuccessful strategy in the Continental Tire Bowl. (2003)


“I kept looking for the city. It just wasn’t there.”

— Quarterback Joe Pizzo, who grew up in Los Angeles, remembering his first impression of Mars Hill College. (1986)


“When we tied Georgia Tech.”

— UNC nose guard J.R. Boldin, recalling “the biggest game we’ve won since I’ve been here.” (1992)


“I watch to see if the kick goes through. My wife watches to see if she gets creamed.”

— Robert Mercer, describing what it’s like to be a parent of aspiring Duke placekicker Heather Sue Mercer. (1995)


“I thought it was the third quarter.”

— Johnson C. Smith football coach Wylie Harris, explaining why he called for a punt with only a minute left in the game and his team trailing. (1983)


” ‘Think you might need some footballs?’ ”

— Dale Steele, coach of the first Campbell University football team in half a century, noting the equipment salesman’s one last question about his order. (2007)



4 thoughts on “What’s football without locker room chatter?”

  1. Enjoyed your locker room chatter post, Lew. If I may, let me add one, although I don’t believe this took place in the locker room…more likely in the coach’s office.

    “I hope he comes out for the team.”

    – UNC Head Football Coach Carl Snavely, when told on the phone that Charlie Justice had enrolled at Carolina. (1946)

  2. If I may, Lew, let me add one more, although this didn’t take place in the locker room…but on the field of Duke Stadium.

    “It isn’t over yet, boys”

    UNC Head Football Jim Hickey, when he was congratulated by one of his players with about 5 minutes left in the UNC vs. Duke game and leading 50 to 0. (1959)

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