So you think you know North Carolina…. No. 47

1. Where did Henry Clay write the memorable words, “I had rather be right than be president”? 

2. In a commencement-speaking invitation to what president did Davidson refer to itself as “by far the most flourishing institution in North Carolina since the decline of the State University”?

 3. What was the fate of the women’s suffrage bill introduced in the N.C. Senate in 1897?

4. What British rock group took its name from two Carolinas blues musicians?

5. What religious denomination accounts for the largest share of the student body at Wake Forest University?

Answers below





1. In Raleigh, where Clay was visiting when he composed a letter opposing annexation of Mexico — an unpopular stand that did indeed scuttle his presidential hopes.

2. Andrew Johnson in 1869 (he declined).

3. It was belittled by being sent to the Committee on Insane Asylums.

4.  Pink Floyd, after Pink Anderson, born in Laurens, S.C., and Floyd Council, born in Chapel Hill.

5. Roman Catholics, 24 percent. Baptists, who founded the school, rank second with 6 percent.