Charlotte: Did you just insult us — or what?

Unlike my previous samplings here and here and here, some of the slights suffered by Charlotte seem to have been unintentional — or maybe not even insults at all. What do you think?….

“It makes you wonder who won the War Between the States.”

— Kurt Vonnegut, visiting novelist, marveling at Charlotte’s glitzy uptown. (1994)

— “Chapel Hill’s afraid of rock ‘n’ roll. They’re more into misguided intellectual leanings. Charlotte always knew how to rock. There is no fear of loud guitar and eyeliner, which are things that I think are important.”

— Michael Rank, longtime member of Snatches of Pink, comparing music scenes. (2004)

“No one has given me the finger yet.”

— Robert Parish, Celtic turned Hornet, comparing Charlotte’s drivers with Boston’s (1995)

“Charlotte is a little more flashy than you guys think you are — a little bit more adventuresome.”

— Land’s End spokeswoman Charlotte LaComb, noting that only 53 percent of the dress shirts it sells in the “White Shirt City” are white, vs. 60 percent nationwide. (1994)

“That’s the story from Jacksonville. So long, everybody.”

— Fox Sports TV announcer Dick Stockton, signing off after the Panthers-Dolphins game in Charlotte. (2006)