Jesse Can’t Shag

This fall the Collection received two cartons of miscellaneous printed materials–tourist brochures, political flyers, and the like. In among the brochures was a 45 rpm record entitled “Jesse Can’t Shag.” It was made for the 1984 Helms-Hunt U.S. Senate race. Given the passions that Senator Helms evoked, it’s a surprisingly gentle song. The gist of the song is that the vocalist is leaning toward Hunt because “Jimmy” likes beach music. On the other hand, Jesse “has two right feet” and has never learned to shag. The singer thinks it’s time for Jesse to “shag or get off the floor.”

The music is country. It’s a polished mix, with a honky-tonk piano, a horn section, and backup singers. Click here for an excerpt.

We’d love to know more about this record. Does anyone remember this—how it originated, where it was played, who the performers were and what they’ve done since? Do you have any stories about this recording?

Here’s what we know from the label:

Produced by Jack Dillard and Craig Fulton
Performed by The Filibusters (1984)
Mixed by David Floyd
Charlotte: Bull Moose, 1984
Side A: Jesse Can’t Shag 3:00
Side B: Jesse Can’t Shag (Equal Time) 3:00

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