“Special Attention is Given to the Use of Electricity”

Glenwood Park Sanitarium postcard

Glenwood Park Sanitarium - back

From the Durwood Barbour Collection of North Carolina Postcards

“Special attention is given to the use of electricity. Twenty years’ experience has proven it invaluable in cases of nervous prostration, incipient paralysis, insomnia, the opium and whiskey habits and those nervous affections due to uterine or ovarian disorders.”

-Promotional copy for Glenwood Park Sanitarium

“In 1907, Telfair Sanitarium (later becoming Glenwood Park Sanitarium in 1918) was moved from Asheville, North Carolina to 1305 Glenwood Avenue, overlooking Glenwood Park (now Morris Farlow Park). This park was once privately owned, but was conveyed to the City to pay for the paving of Lexington Avenue. The sanitarium structure was razed around 1960 and a parking lot now occupies this site.”

Glenwood Neighborhood Plan, Greater Glenwood Neighborhood Association, 2008.

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