Road trip to Charlottesville, wedding bells ahead?

Like Google Books Ngram Viewer before it, Wedding Crunchers — a searchable database of New York Times wedding announcements — has obvious limitations for serious research. But what’s so bad about a few passing screenfuls of entertainment and provocation?

Following up on last week’s look at how often the University of North Carolina and other colleges appear in the Times wedding announcements, let’s look at how often they appear together:

Crosscultural pollination I: UNC meets the Carolinas (but not as often as it meets Virginia).

Crosscultural pollination II: UNC meets the Ivies (but not as often as it used to).  


4 thoughts on “Road trip to Charlottesville, wedding bells ahead?”

  1. My mother was a Duke grad; my dad a UNC Chapel Hill grad. They were married back in 1950 until my father’s death 40 some odd years later.

  2. My husband of 40 yrs is a Dukie but going is extremely perilous in the wake of unnecessary razor sharp basketball rivalries and the incredulous murder, a sign something’s gone terribly, terribly wrong. Sadly it won’t be easily rescured particularly in the “Gates era”.

  3. I was sitting in a car dealership earlier today in Portland, Ore., and got into a conversation with another person waiting for service on his car. I mentioned I had lived in North Carolina and was a UNC alum. As it turned out, he was a Duke alum and his wife was a Carolina alum. They’re everywhere.

  4. UNCAlum, ……UNC alums are everywhere. Duke grads are fewer and farther between as it is a smaller, more private college. UNC has three times the students Duke has. Duke grads are where the big money is. Alot are in NY, Chicago, SanFran, LA and San Diego. UNC grads are everywhere….including trailer parks throughout the state of NC. Truth-be-known.

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