To live and die (and nearly die) in North Carolina

Just a list cobbled together in a previous century and recently happened onto….

Born in North Carolina, though not usually associated with it: Howard Cosell, Soupy Sales and Elwood Edwards

Not born in North Carolina, though usually associated with it: Michael Jordan, James Taylor and John Shelton Reed

Died of natural causes in North Carolina: Sidney Lanier, Wolfman Jack, Kate Smith, three sets of Siamese twins and the last two surviving members of baseball’s Gashouse Gang.

Died in a mental hospital fire in North Carolina: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda

Died in a Civil War prison camp in North Carolina: Dr. Livingston’s son David

Died at sea off North Carolina: Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia.

Died in North Carolina after being attacked by a turkey while nodding off on his front porch: Samuel Spencer

Died in car wrecks in North Carolina: Dr. Charles Drew, Jack Johnson and Fireball Roberts.

Nearly died in a car wreck in North Carolina: Stevie Wonder

Nearly died in a train wreck in North Carolina: Annie Oakley

Took sick in North Carolina and almost died: Babe Ruth

Took sick in North Carolina and did die: Jim Henson

Hanged in North Carolina: Tom Dula

Hanged in effigy in North Carolina: Dean Smith

Buried in North Carolina in the same cemetery in Asheville: Thomas Wolfe and O. Henry

Buried in North Carolina in the same cemetery in Shelby: W. J. Cash and Thomas Dixon

Buried in North Carolina but moved to Virginia after her monument was vandalized: Robert E. Lee’s daughter Annie Carter Lee

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