New in the collection: Socialist Party pinback

Pinback reading "North Carolina Socialists Support McReynolds Hollis" and featuring photographs of the candidates.

“The Socialist Party of North Carolina (SPNC), formed in 1996, is the modern affiliate of the national Socialist Party, which was organized in July 1901 by the merger of the Social Democratic Party, under Eugene V. Debs, with the reformer wing of the Socialist Labor Party, under Morris Hillquit.

“The SPNC has small, organized groups in Raleigh and Jacksonville. In the 2000 presidential election, for the first time since 1936, a Socialist Party member was an official write-in candidate in North Carolina. In the early 2000s the SPNC was involved in a variety of causes, including a boycott of Mt. Olive Pickles and People of Faith against the Death Penalty.”
— From “Socialist Party of North Carolina” by Wiley J. Williams (2006) in the Encyclopedia of North Carolina

David McReynolds received 1,226 votes in North Carolina. His running mate was Mary Cal Hollis.