New in the collection: Dairy coupon booklet

The cover of a book of milk coupons. It includes an illustration of a cow and the words "Thirty quarts. The coupons in this book are good for the face value in payment of all dairy products. Meadow Brook Farms. Gerton, N.C. Telephone three."

Image of a page of five coupons.

Somehow this booklet of coupons good for 30 quarts of milk has gone unused — but redemption today seems unlikely given the disappearance of Meadow Brook Farms from Gerton, an unincorporated community (population: 254)  in Henderson County.

The back cover advises: “To make our coupon system effective, please place coupons under the milk bottle each day. Your strict compliance with this rule will be appreciated….”

But my favorite line is “Telephone: 3.”


One thought on “New in the collection: Dairy coupon booklet”

  1. I just found two of those milk coupons from the second photo. They ended up in a box of collage ephemera. Let me know if you want them and I’ll pop them in the mail. I hate to throw them away.

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