New in the collection: Auto safety pamphlet

Booklet cover featuring images of soldiers fighting, an explosion on a road, a wrecked car, and the words "Worse than War"

“1 — I will not hang on the back of trucks, busses, automobiles, or horse drawn vehicles while skating.

“3 — I will not play baseball, football, basketball or roll hoops on or near the streets or highways.

“7 — I promise not to stand on the side of the highway and ‘hitch-hike’ (beg rides)….

“9 — I will not climb telephone, telegraph or electric light poles.”

— From the “10 Point Safety Pledge” proffered in “Worse Than War,” a booklet published by the Carolina Motor Club (1930s?)

Although the cover illustration suggests World War I, the Lost Cause scores a vivid walk-on role:

“Almost a century later we read of that futile war between the states, with brother fighting against brother, that sent the southerners back home to desolate plantations, with their negroes gone, their wives and children quivering with hunger, and their brothers sleeping on the battlefields at Gettysburg….”

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