New in the collection: Tourism-promoting license plate

Front license plate that reads "North Carolina Variety Vacationland"


“Never before had there been a coordinated statewide effort to showcase North Carolina as a destination. Tourism had the potential to lift the state out of economic despair. So in 1937, the newly created Division of State Advertising embarked on a campaign under the slogan ‘Variety Vacationland’….

“The phrase … would become mostly history by the 1980s, falling out of favor to another alliterative phrase: First in Flight….”

— From “How North Carolina Became ‘Variety Vacationland’ “ by Bryan Mims in Our State (July 23, 2015) 


A New Yorker finds niche touting Tarheelia

On this day in 1933: The State, a weekly magazine boosting North Carolina’s industries, tourist attractions and lifestyle, debuts in Raleigh. Publisher Carl Goerch, a New York native who becomes the state’s most tireless promoter, will sell out in 1951, but the magazine continues to be published, most recently as the monthly Our State.