Link dump tips its green eyeshade to copy desks

— In Winston-Salem the first rough draft of history gets ever rougher. Cue the bagpipes.

— Literary world rocked by dispute over rights to “Me and My Likker.”

— Synergistic centennial in Denton: Last of furniture stores that doubled as funeral parlors?

— And it wouldn’t be Christmas in the Lower Cape Fear if you failed to “Close your flounder around the stuffing.”

Link dump makes case for high-fiber diet

— Why General Stoneman went raiding in a buggy.

Spanish stone stackers restoring ancestors’ work on Blue Ridge Parkway.

— Hank Williams Jr. revives Popcorn Sutton‘s moonshine recipe.

— “If we submit now to Lincoln’s election, your homes will be visited by one of the most fearful and horrible butcheries that has cursed the face of the globe.” Another installment in the New York Times’ superb “Disunion” series.

— Lively audio reminiscences about widespread panic provoked by underground newspaper at East Mecklenburg High in 1968.