Who wouldn’t have wanted to be in Wadesboro in 1900?

Belated hat tip to former Miscellany keeper Jason Tomberlin and researcher-commenter Kevin Cherry for this fact-packed post about the eclipse of 1900, when Wadesboro became the mecca of the astronomical world….

This time, alas, Anson County’s view will max out at 97.5 percent of the total eclipse.


Justice wasn’t blind, but he was — fatally — asleep

On this day in 1793: Samuel Spencer, justice of the state supreme court, dies as a result of wounds inflicted by a turkey gobbler.

Spencer was sitting on the porch of his home near Wadesboro when he became sleepy and began to nod; his bobbing red cap apparently provoked the turkey to attack. The 59-year-old judge was thrown from his chair and suffered numerous scratches, which became fatally infected.