Turn It Blue

Today’s #TarGramChallenge is to #TurnItBlue. So we’re looking at the bound set of briefs and records from the North Carolina Court of Appeals housed at the law library, which have all been bound in blue binding.

This summer, we in the Scholarly Communications Office worked with Anne Klinefelter, Director of the UNC Law Library, and David Ardia, Co-Director for the Center for Media Law and Policy on examining private and sensitive information in North Carolina Supreme Court briefs that the law library has digitized. Everything that you could imagine that you would want protected is available in those legal archives. We identified over 100 items of potentially identifying pieces of information in records and briefs alone.

Earlier this year, we also investigated the library’s liability for invading privacy under North Carolina law, when digitizing historic documents. While you may think of the Scholarly Communications Office as only focused on copyright, we can do so much more. So if you’re working on an item or are concerned about other legal issues with your scholarly publishing, like defamation or invasion of privacy, come in and talk to us! We’re always here to help.