Bigfoot in N.C.

Today’s Asheville Citizen-Times reports on the recent Bigfoot sightings in Madison County. Apparently, Sasquatch himself has appeared around the mountain town of Hot Springs. This is exciting news indeed, but I was most impressed to learn that this is not Bigfoot’s first visit to our state. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has an excellent website documenting all known sightings, which are arranged by state. The North Carolina page lists 42 Bigfoot sightings in the Tar Heel state. Predictably, he has shown up most often in the mountain regions of North Carolina, but has popped up a few times in other parts of the state, including Mocksville in Davie County and at Camp Lejeune in Onslow County.

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  1. I’m betting that Bigfoot was merely passing through Madison County heading for a winter home in Avery, Mitchell, or Yancey. We don’t know exactly where he’ll settle in for the cold months. But surely it will be in that tri-county area, where the Toe, North Toe, and South Toe rivers will provide him convenient good water sources.

  2. Trust me, Bigfoot is real. As we were returning from Glynco, Ga, me and my buddy brian almost hit him on on i-26. We just had hit the NC line and at 75 mph we nearly slammed him head on. I know in my heart this creature exiists. Both me and my buddy agree a furry creature walking upright and very fast is not an everyday occurrence on the interstate.

    Big V

    1. You are so right. Me and my Uncle seen the beast in May of 2010 in Oak City N.C. no one can tell me that we didn’t see what we saw. My uncle also seen him again about six months ago around the same area. We were on our way coming back from Greenville and as we got in this long wooded area in oak city the beast jumped from one side of the road to the other. Then he stood up and looked us straight in the eyes. The person in the car in front of us seen him too. We both slammed on breaks. The beast had to be about 10 feet tall. His hair was long shiny black. His eyes were so read. He looked so evil .He had like a bearded face. As he jumped from one side to the other he never touched the road l. That’s how far he can jump and he moves so fast. He gave us this look with a slight smile as if he was saying to himself..yeah y’all see me and I want you too but no one will ever believe you. I still find myself thinking about it all these years later. Wondering when someone will ever catch footage of this beast.

  3. As a small chaild I remember a tall hairy creature looking in through a old door that my family was caming in at High Rock Lake in NC. A few years later a friend and I was riding 4 wheelers on the lake bed and seen several foot prints in the road. The prints were a third larger than my size 10 fox riding boots. Also, this was in the middle of the winter. The ground was froze.

  4. I am from West Virginia. It is known in my family, that my great- great grand- daddy was born to a big foot family. I can still see the resemblence in my aunt thelma. She is a mighty bush woman.

  5. While camping out at Mountian Island at the French Broad River in Madison Co. I had an iteresting night. At the time I new nothing of bigfoot, I got intreaged about the subject after visiting a website an playing the recordings. What got my attention was the tree knocking. I have heard this on numerous occations while on that section of river and vagely wondered who was up on the side of the mountain banging on a tree. I thought maybe someone was setting up a deerstand or something. Anyway just after sunset I hear loud splashes in the river, thought it might be big beavers or something ,the splashes were huge! Later on something kept walking around my campsite never did see anything and wasnt to worried as Iwas heavly armed. This island is very remote and surrounded by whitewater on both sides. About 3am a ground shaking thud woke me up, I got out of the tent and looked around but it was pitch black out there. I got spooked then. I thought maybe a rock fell of the small cliff back where Iwas camped out. Just befor daylight I heard what sounded like a tree being twisted apart, I got out of the tent and emptied a thirty round clip in the air,never heard anything else or saw any body except for other boaters the rest of the weekend

  6. have heard many family stories about creature.most occured in moore and randolph counties during thr 40’s and 50’s.many strange occurencies have happened since then. my brother and some friends were hunting early one morning.when they heard a large cracking noise.they described it as the sound of trees bieng broken. upon investigateing further they found a branch about 10 inches around had been tore off an oak tree approximately 10 feet off the ground.

  7. Has anyone ever wondered how Bigfoot can live so long? Does he have an infinite life? Or could there be lady bigfeet out there too (hopefully more attractive than the descriptions posted here) with whom our Bigfoot mates and fathers offspring?? Hmmm.

  8. I want to check out some good bigfoot sights this summer from mid May to mid August here in NC or southern VA. Anyone have any suggestions where to go for a possible sighting?

    1. Bobbitt nc on Waltwr Grissom Road just past McKnight Road on both sides of the road. I’ve actually seen 3 Sasquatch in my lifetime, and it scared me ,so bad that I’ve never run that fast in all my life.

  9. While driving up hot springs mountain on a snowy night in Madison County North Carolina I seen bigfoot! I know everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I seen a huge figure crouched down on the other side of the gaurd rail, when I got right beside it it twisted its back toward me and jumped off the bank really fast! I was so shocked and scared that I didnt even stop to investigate. I know that bigfoot is real, and one way or the other everyone will know he is too one day!

  10. Bigfoot really? With today’s modern technology and satellite tracking capabilities don’t you think one could be pin pointed? I do stay out of the moonshine.

  11. if u don’t think he’s real, stay off this website chris. and dennis c. there’s more than one dummy.

  12. I was camping at Rocky Bluff campground near Hot Springs around 1989-90. In the middle of the night, heard two loud calls coming from the river, unlike coyote, bobcat, cougar, bear, deer, elk, anthing I have knowledge of. Made the hair on back of my neck stand up, and always wondered what it could have been. I now do think it was a bigfoot.

  13. I swear and I am a sceptic… I hear what sounded like what I hear a bigfoot sounds like screaming! The farmers dogs were going off and I heard 3 distinctive screams like a animal/human??? It freaked me out enough to come in the house from my front porch. It is 10:50 pm on JUNE 27 2012 here in Mocksville, NC on Madison RD.

    Am I crazy?

  14. Heidi,

    Screams could be a number of things. Have you ever heard a dear be taken down by a mtn. lion? A deer’s screams sound just like a woman screaming when you hear it from a little ways away.

    And regardless of what the NC Wildlife dept would have you believe, there are most definitely Mtn Lions in NC.

  15. I was at a buddy’s house out at lake james a year and a half ago round Aug 2011 we were up late sitting outside. Heard coyote going crazy! Then a lowd howell from the left side of the woods! Then the right, then the left again the cyotes went quiet. Then 3 tree knocks from right side of woods then three from left! I had no idea what was going on! Then a huge howl from the right side… Next was weird what sounded like a gun shot from a 22.. then the woods was silent! Don’t know what we heard but it was crazy!

  16. my parents 2 brothers an my 2 kids was in the yard last night riding the dirt bike it was about 7:30 8:00 pm when all the sudden we all heard these loud screams unlike any animal we have ever heard. My whole family is very much so into hunting an nobody their hs ever heard anything like it. Well it started in the left side of the woods screaming an within seconds in was in the middle. Screaming an then just a few seconds later it had traveled to the far right side. This went on for about 45 seconds. Later on about 4:30 am I was in the bathroom an heard it again. This was absolutley the strangest creature I have ever heard in my life. My dad has a explanation for everything but this time he had no kind of explanation that’s what scares me.

    1. Several are near swamps. Go to NC BFRO and they have the counties listed and the encounters that happened in each county. Keep in mind how many people don’t report their sighting out of fear of being ridiculed.

  17. I suggest you look for Bigfoot in Green Swamp in Brunswick County or in the Long Leaf Pine forest in Bolivia, NC specifically out on By-Pass Way near the Hunting Lodge.

  18. Let me remind everyone that thinks we’re just crazy…Gorillas were once just legends too. So were elephants. People were afraid to eat tomatoes because most people believed they were poisonous. Bigfoot stories were first told by the Indians in this country and there are tales of bigfoots all over the world, in every culture with different names. Just like the story of Noah’s Ark. In the Bible the story is told and so was told by Gilgamesh. THERE APPARENTLY WAS QUITE A FLOOD! So it may be if you are the one who hasn’t seen a bigfoot, then you are unlucky or in denial. I think Bigfoot corpses have been found but no one knew what to make of them. Now there is DNA and how are they going to break it to us that you are a monkey’s uncle? It kind of goes against the grain. Think about it. It could be the greatest conspiracy ever. And just because it is a conspiracy doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Study the case of the Zodiac Killer. He has never been found. The smartest people in the world are still trying to break the ciphers. The suspects and victims are all intertwined in coincidences. The more you study the less you’ll know. Okay, the JFK assassination. Unless you really believe Oswald acted alone you could spend the rest of your life trying to figure it out. The more you’ll read the more you’ll be convinced it is a huge web of deciet. It would be harder to just accept Oswald acted alone. Sometimes there just aren’t answers that can be pulled out of a hat. If you’re lucky from time to time you get some encouragement. People see ghosts and of course they couldn’t be real. But how come several people who don’t know each other or have any link to each other can all see the same thing? We try to think of answers but the more we come up with the more they confuse us. There are things in black and white but there are some grey areas where you just are left wondering.

  19. Friends and I were camping out one night in rural Alamance County. We saw eye shine (red) and had rocks thrown in our area. This happened in late 2004 in the fall near Alamance battleground. It was strange and the only thing I could attribute the noises or Grunts we heard were that of a moose. However, we don’t have Moose in NC and I have never heard one either.

  20. RE: Carolina Legend Trippers

    Hi NC Bigfoot Bloggers and Legend Eyewitnesses!

    I am a partner in a group in Charlotte NC, Carolina Legend Trippers, our mission is to seek the truth from eyewitnesses and local experts surrounding local NC and SC legends. Our job is to find the information surrounding each legend and present that on our upcoming webisodes to fans and let them decide what they think to be true.

    We are currently conducting phone interviews for local eyewitnesses regarding information they may have on NC or SC legends such as; The Devil’s Tramping Grounds, Bigfoot or better known as NC Knobby, Brown Mountain Lights and more.

    If you have a story to tell, contact me at: and let me know your name, how to contact you, what story you would like to discuss that you had a personal first-hand experience with. After we conduct phone interviews, we will then be setting up in-person interviews.

    Thanks for helping us get to the bottom of finding out if our Carolina legends are mere fact or fiction.

    Tamara C. Richardson
    Co-Chair of Carolina Legend Trippers

  21. i have a reply for margene.i think that our government has had proof of bigfoots for many years.If the mass public suddenly had hard proof,it would have a dramatic effect on the big land development companys,big timber industry and lots more that i cant think of.These are majior contributers to our elected officials campaign funds so of course they will keep it quiet for as long as possible.There is dna evidence out there right now.The goverment cant hide this forever,the truth is just on the horizon.

  22. December 2012, after taking my daughter to George for College, I decided to take a tour on cycle from Lawrenceville, Ga, to Cherokee, NC, Zig sagging around, over to Clingman Dome, Gattinburg, Pigion Forge, Knoxville, Tn, Tail of the Dragon, doubling back and Tail of the dragon to Blairville was at 12:30 in the morning. One truck and two kids racing, but no one on the road but me on a Harley Davidson. I seen bear, deer, elk, other animals. I was going slow with GoPro active. It was the 2nd time on my tours, I passed a smell again that was nasty foul odor in thick forrest. I thought it may be bear, as I came from Wisconsin and use to hunt. Further down this snake road & I seen eyes flickered ahead. About (14) fourteen deer appeared off to my right out of the GoPro view as I road up the hill. “NOT ONE DEER” turned around & looked me. They was strange, very strange. They were frighten & concerned to what was on the other side of the fence in the field. I slowed down to 15 MPH & my Harley is very loud. Still, they were stomping their hooves in warning & didn’t take their eyes off on the other side of the fence. The air had again that nasty foul odor smell again. Down the road, I stopped after a mile or two on top of a high mountain hill. Pitch black, stars, faint lights in the distance & black and quiet. I took out a small flash light to see what was around me & put it away. Right after from on top of the hill to my right it sounded Hugh coming towards me, breaking branches & coming fast. My heart was pounding through me throat, as it was getting closer and the snapping of the trees were amazing loud and powerful snaps. There was a rotten smell again. I had to iron friends for protection, but it was so dark, what good would they do. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Whatever it was, it stopped, it didn’t move & slowly it sounded like a person shuffling the leaves walking & coming closer. Then it stopped in the thick of the trees & branches, it was very close. I have no clue the time frame & the waiting. I put my iron in my vest, cranked up the Harley & road down the road. Stranger thing happen while heading down the road, a rock about the size of a soft ball passed me bouncing on the road to my left. I have no clue where that came from or what was behind me. It did have a rotten odor in smell, Hugh in size & I think it was interested in my small pen light which may have looked like eyes in the dark. I’d like to go back but I hit so many roads that night, I only know I went under an old R/R bridge or very old bridge.

  23. I want to take a few days this spring in late April and go Bigfoot hunting, not to shoot at, just to video and observe. I’m thinking of going to South Mountain State park.Is there a better place like Madison County and if so where would be the best place to pitch a tent for a few days? Thank you ahead of time for any help you can give, James…

  24. there is a book called “bigfoot” that just came out in 2014. the main author doesn’t live far from black mountain NC.

    He said there’s a family of them on mackey mountain in wilderness area..

    but don’t go trespasssing thru his property or intend to shoot any of them!

    They need protecting and not the world to traspe out there causing problems for him or them.

    He used to feed them (leave food drops some distance away from his home) as way to get them to stop harassing him when he first moved into his new home.

    It worked, but then they got greedy and would be demanding.

    he’s lived with them right near his home now for many yrs and another researcher has been there.

    He wants them protected. they could have harmed him, never in many of the stories.

    they are slowly losing the size of their habitat and when their space is invaded, that’s when the rock throwing and circling starts to get you out of their area!

    most researches think they are leftover Neanderthals, but one story I found very interesting which is on coast to coast radio program on you tube.

    one in late 40’s or 50’s was kidnapped by one at age 18, but not harmed. she was camping and they befriended her. they made her go unconscious (like other alien stories of unnatural powers) and carried her to their cave. she lived with them for 3 wks..willingly. and has gone back to visit them every yr since.
    they taught her to communicate telepathically and to catch fish with their hands.
    Their story was this:
    90, 000 yrs ago there was 700 of them in a space ship who were prisoners being sent to a prisoner planet. they crashed on earth and that was the beginning of their having been here. I forget the name of the planet mentioned they came from but it was from the aries constellation.

    now maybe they are neanderthals and they are one and the same as those aliens who crashed here.

    they have some psychic and super natural powers…like the ability to stop a boat motor remotely, to make you go. unconscious, etc. fits with other alien stories and powers.

  25. Growing up in mountains of NC.I heard stories from the old people about monkey man was name they referred to.Some of these monkey man were a dirty white looking an black an brown.One area he was seen at is called the water shed.This place has never had the timber cut an has tall trees there.mystical presence surrounds this place as if you have step back in time.One of my hunting buddies had an encounter there while hunting.He said it had a large head an was one of the dirty white ones he had built a blind an was hunting in a saddle gap on the ground the fog was heavy that mourning an something was not right he felt like some one or something was watching him,behind him was a big tree that had fallen about 20 yards in the brush. He said it was behind the big tree on the ground an had watching him.What happen next he will never forget it had move over tree an was coming his way in a ambush nature he fired the rifle only to miss the large monkey man who ran away from the blast.he stated he would never go back to that place again,David W.Highlands NC

  26. I have heard this Bigfoot before. I live in Wilson county and I was outside at about 8:30 pm when I heard some branches break so I just thought it was my pit bull because she has some branches in her pin. Then about 5 minutes later I heard this shriek that was like a whistle. I turned to the woods in front of my front yard and about 70-90 yards away I saw this creature on 2 legs standing there looking at me. It had black fur, glowing eyes, it weighed about 600 pounds and was at least 9 foot tall. I went in my house and told my brother and looked out my window I was only 15 seconds and it was already halfway through the front yard. The scary part about it was that it was more than one type I saw another one that was 8 1/2 foot tall with red fur and was atleast 800 pounds and took off across the road which was a 90 yard run in less than 10 seconds it was scary because it was something I never seen or heard. I think it was a Wildman and Midnight Whistler. Unbelievable.

  27. In March 2013 heard screams and growl and wood knock and mournful howls but did not see it as I was just getting out of shower. These sounds happened over 3 days.

    One year later in April before trees leaved out I saw a Bigfoot in bright daylight, in plain sight. He was staring up hill on west side of cul de sac.

    He was 7 ft tall, wide shoulders, rows of long hair resembling layers of jet black fringe. He stood still while scanning hillside but when our van was swinging into our driveway, he turned his head, stared at us through squinting eyes with long curled eyelashes like coils. His hair was to the shoulder,smooth, with perfect center part. He had a neat beard but one part of it on one side it was 2 inches shorter. His face was long and green like an unripened banana!!! He was out of sight as we swung into our driveway! We live just inside town limits of Spindale, NC on a newly made street that is a steep street ending in a cul de sac. Our house is only house on street. all the lots are wooded.

  28. Hey Barb, I live between Fletcher and Hendersonville..One question? Have you seen or heard anything since this event? Very interesting.. Danny

  29. Danny, my father lives in the same area and a week or so ago has been noting some activities that he believes is not a bear, potentially bigfoot in his best guess. Noises, and trash bags being carried up an embankment regularly, fully intact. Are you experiencing something?

  30. I visited a meditation retreat years ago in hot springs nc. During the full moon my mom and I hiked up a mountain. I heard a noise I never heard before. We laid down on the knoll to see the sky and I heard a two footed creature running behind me then felt it kiss my wrist with a wet nose. I got scared and we left but now know it was a baby bigfoot.

  31. I live in Maggie Valley and about a month ago I had a very strange thing happen at my cabin. I am the last house on the mountain but there are thick woods behind me . Recently when I have taken my dog out after dark, I have seen reddish eye shine up in the woods behind me.and on two different occasions I have heard wood knocks. On this particular night, something woke me and I made my way to the bathroom next to the master bedroom where I sleep. It is pitch black so I switched on the little might light in the bathroom and left it on as I made my way back to bed.. I have double windows behind my bed and I glanced out the window and there was a furry looking face at my window looking bAck at me.! The face part itself was quite human like and didn’t have much hair on the face itself , only around the face and on top of the head. I screamed but the thing stayed at my window for about a minute before disappearing completely. I am convinced that I saw a juvenile Bigfoot!

  32. I would like to hear more from The Wilson county resident.

    I lived at Wiggins Mill on a fairly secluded plot for about fifteen years and had experiences for most of the time I was there and did not realize what was going on until I was about to move. I had knocks on the house, things thrown in the gutters every night at the time I would turn out the lights;whistling, stacked
    feathers from duck kills,a low growl at my window, and rocks
    thrown at the house.
    I just never knew Bigfoot could be in that part of the country; but by the time I moved, I was sure they were.
    Everyone was
    forced to move after Hurricane Floyd and the area was great
    for food-fish, deer, and other animals, plus the chickens next
    door.Everyone thought foxes were getting in the coup, but the last time I noticed there was a trail if plucked feathers a fox would not have done.

  33. Sasquatch is real. Trust me I have found to much sign in the mountains of WNC. In June of 2015, I had a sighting. I could not believe what I saw but it was there. It is very hard to believe but trust me it is very shocking when Myth becomes reality. I can’t explain why they are here, what they eat, or what really they are but I know they are real.

  34. @Royce.. No because i’m in a pretty populated area although bears come through here all the time..BUT recently not to far from here there was a BF sighting that made the news.. There was this guy who rented a cabin right off of HWY 9 who was walking his dog and came across a BF walking through a field right across from the cabin he was renting..He got in on video and its on youtube.. People was doubting that it was real BUT My GF and I found the place two days later and found that the grass was mashed down leading all the way to the woods..The indentations was a good size..What’s interesting to me is up through the woods from the field there’s property called the Light center where people goes to meditate ect..Around 12 years ago, this woman told me she was there meditating on the balcony and she saw a BF out on a ridge..This area and the Old Fort area always been a big interest to me when it comes to BF..

  35. To Danny, not yet but keep looking, listening…just hope it stays away from my porch! It was very tall, very skinny with broad shoulders, has jet black fringed hair.I will never forget that green face…ever! Barbara McComber

  36. I am a believer looking for people to go search with. I live in Concord,NC. Is there anyone close to me i can contact to discuss going researching?

  37. Hey Barb.. I don’t stay far from you.. I live between Hendersonville and Fletcher.. Yeah you know the Green River Gamelands is on the west side of you and the South Mountain Gamelands is north east of you so He had to have come from one of those places I would assume..Of course i’m just speculating but it’d make sense to me..So everything is still quite? What side of Spindale are you on?

  38. I have lived all over NC and live in Haywood County now. I have always spent a lot of time in the woods hunting hiking etc. I would LOVE to find some kind of evidence to convince me of a new species of primate/man. There are so many researchers, hunters,hikers in the woods but so far nothing that can be considered concrete proof. I have heard”knocks”,growls and other things that would be hard to explain, but nothing that yells SASQUATCH to me. I mean it just seems someone would have put a bullet in one by now. I don’t know!!! I hope someone will find some real proof I really do.A I do agree with the person that thinks Fish and Wildlife may be lying. They lie about cougars and panthers. I know this for sure be cause my family,friends,neighbors,and myself see a family of them quite often.Just want all the squatch hunters to be care full and wish you all the luck and please feel free to keep me posted. Thanks for your time

  39. Okay so I am going to go camping if anybody know camp pee Dee in NC and it has woods and a lake/river does anybody knows if there’s Bigfoots near there

  40. If you talking about the one that’s close to wadesboro, just a few miles north of that is the Uwharrie national forest..That’s where most of NC bigfoot reports come from along with the mountains..

  41. I live in carthage NC, one evening I saw about an 8ft, 450lb shaggy reddish brown Bigfoot & my big hound dog also saw him. My dog was really scared and ran back to the house and left me. I know what I saw and I know my dog saw it also!!

  42. I live in Concord NC and I have been in the woods my whole life, I’ve heard a few strange things but never seen anything. If anyone knows of a good place to go looking please let me know!!!!

  43. Danny,LiveinRutherfordCounty edgeofSpindale. Very dense woods now..probablyhardertoseenow.Veryunforgetale.Ifeelveryprivileged. To. Have seen him.Truly awesome!Barb

  44. My Grandmother was born in 1875. She grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia about 5 miles west of Ferrum Virginia. She lived with our family the entire time of my childhood in the 1940’s and 50’s in NC and was the primary person who “raised” me until I left home to go to college in 1961. She was a very strong, self-sufficient and capable lady who had raised seven small children, in the rural mountains alone, after the death of her husband in a forest fire in 1911.
    I would often sit and have her tell me stories from her “olden times.” The most vivid story from her childhood, she told me several different times. It was obviously an incident that made a great impression on her throughout her life. She was someone who never exaggerated or embellished a story and was more prone to understate things rather than overstate them. Stories she told me, including this one, remained completely consistent over many years of time.
    Growing up on a small farm in the wilderness with the nearest neighbors over a mile away, she was responsible for looking after the families two cows. Their daily practice was to turn the cows out of their relatively small pen and let them free graze in the meadows, hills and woods surrounding their farm. Her job was to milk them in the morning, turn them out to free graze and find them in the evening before dark, get the cows back home and in the pen and maybe milk them again.
    When she was about ten years old she was looking for the cows one day and they had wandered farther than usual, deep into the woods. After looking for a long time she finally found them at twilight, very close to darkness. The cows were behaving in a very nervous and skittish manner. Finally getting them rounded up and heading toward home, she suddenly heard an incredibly loud scream. She thought it must be a “panther” which is what she called mountain lions. She had seen them before and heard screams she attributed to panthers. She said this was very loud and a much deeper scream than what she had heard before. She said “it sounded like a woman being kilt.” She immediately thought that this was the reason for the skittishness of the cows and she had better get them home. She looked to her left, up the side of the mountain and she saw, about 100 feet away, something she called a “giant monkey.” At other times in telling me this story she called it a “giant gorilla.” She said it was covered in “black hair” and was “twice as big as a man, standing up like a man.”
    She stood paralyzed, looking at the “monkey” for several seconds then started running for home, abandoning the cows, jumping over obstacles, fences, rocks, creeks and anything else in her way. She never looked back because she was afraid it would be right behind her. Fortunately the cows got back home shortly after she did so she did not get into trouble. She immediately told her father she had seen a giant monkey in the woods but he didn’t believe her. She said she never mentioned it again because she was embarrassed the he did not believe her.

  45. We recently moved to Mill Spring and are just outside the Green River Game Lands. Weve heard stories of bigfoot sightings in the area. Anyone able to share their experiences about this area?

  46. I was camping for the 601 Bridge crosses into Davie County about 16 years ago. Going down the bank of the River on the Davie County side they are three large ledges I camped on the top of the very last ledge. I woke up at approximately 3 in the morning while I was camping that night and I heard something come down the river breaking limbs that no animal I know of in the whole world could break other than an elephant. I listen to a go down the river I was probably a hundred yards away way up on a hill. I tried to rationalize what it was in my brain but to this day I don’t know of anything that could have made the noises this animal made. The limbs it was breaking off were huge I don’t mean like a buck deer going through the woods I mean like an elephant ripping giant tree limbs off. It went on down the river and out of range until I could not hear it anymore. I can’t imagine what creature could have went down that River and made that kind of noise. The next morning when I packed all my stuff up and left I did not go down by the river to check on limbs being broke or anything like that.

  47. We have them in Lowgap NC too, where the Blueridge parkway enters Virginia. Saw one by my driveway coming home from church one day. Look to be about 8ft tall and colored like a big dead tree stump, brownish black. Wonder how many times people pass them in the mountains and don’t notice them. Have a few trail cam pictures of them also, cameras seem to spook them for the most part though. Have had them bring gift rocks and leave around the house, ours seem to be friendly so far. I live in a secluded cove and I guess they don’t feel threatened. Also have noticed that they seem to migrate somewhat. Most sightings in spring and fall. Have heard of other sightings up and down the parkway, most people afraid to talk about them until they learn that you seen them too.

  48. Good afternoon, My name is Ernest Wayne Toney and I am 71 yrs. old and I would like to tell you two stories of my Big Foot in counters. My first in counter was when I was 5 yrs. old and I was at my Aunt Marie Humming Bird Toney log cabin home on the Cherokee Reservation in N.C. I was out in her back yard up in the mountains and I was playing with my cousins and we seen two small Big Foot getting apples off apples trees. We went and got my aunt and she told us that those Big Foot come and get apples off her apple trees and she puts out food for them all the time. She told us all that the Cherokee People call them Men of the Woods, Grass Man, Hairy Man and they are just a different type of people in nature. My aunt said something to them in Cherokee and just eased back in the woods after they got all the apples they wanted. My second in counter was in 1975, 44 yrs. ago and I was a Federal Park Ranger with the Army Corps of Eng. at Clarks Hill which is located in the two states of Ga. and S.C., it is the largest man made lake East of the Mississippi and it covers 1,200 of shore line, 80,000 acres of land and 1,700 of water. I was in my flat bottom boat going up in the upper end of the lake in Fishing Cr. on the Ga. side in between McDuffie County and Wilkes Country. It was early Spring early in thy morning and the I had to go to the upper end of the creek to check out some timber that needed cruising. When I got where I need to stop and get out of the boat I stopped before I got out of the boat because I seen a group of wild hogs and they broke and ran, not because I was in the area but something through a very large rock at the group and than a large rock hit the water next to my boat and I just stayed very still in the boat and than a large rock hit very near my boat and than I seen it the Big Foot stepped out behind a very large hardwood tree and it looked to be 9 ft. tall very large shoulders and looked to be 800 to 1,000 lbs. I told him in Cherokee that I was I missed up his morning hunt and that I was leaving and not coming back. I started up my boat and eased out of the area and all he time he watched me get out of the area. That after noon I went back and told my two other Rangers that worked with me that I was not ever going back to Fishing Cr. Area. The next day one of my buddies went and he came back that afternoon and told out Boss Ranger he would never ever go back, so our Boss Ranger went the next day and that afternoon he came back and told us the same thing. We never told each other what we saw and my boss said that we would not do in logging in that area ever. Well that is my two Big Foot stories!!!

  49. A little over two years ago, I took my bff and went to The Road to Nowhere in Bryson City NC. I’d been once before and felt something. On the way back in the tunnel, we both heard a knock. There is no doubt to us that it was Bigfoot. I’ve been a forest lover all my life and this knock was definitely different. I firmly believe our government knows about Bigfoot. I have read many accounts where one was killed in car accident and mysterious vehicles come and the body disappears. There is a group in SC where they will take you out but you are blindfolded so you won’t know location. I’d love to have a sighting one day.

  50. Has anyone ever heard of a prison break that happened in Huntersville in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s? I can find no record of it. But I remember when it happened. We were having a birthday party for one of my cousins at our farmhouse on Mountain Island Lake just outside of Charlotte. Now there are a lot of houses there and the old house was burned down by the Fire Dept. Anyway my cousins’ grandmother on their mother’s side got scared and they went home. My father was an outdoorsman at the time, out in his truck near the river gathering cattails. A deputy stopped him and asked for ID because some prisoners were loose. The escaped prisoners showed up behind our house having come through the woods on the other side of the water plant. I spent a lot of time outside as a kid. They threatened me to bring them some food and I did but then one of the Savays as I call them showed up. One of them said he would rather be in jail than out in the woods with that big hairy monster. Another time a game warden showed up and another time there were hunters out looking for the large male. We lived there twice. So I saw them as a child and as an adult. I had several encounters with them and maybe its because I would feed them. As a child I wasn’t afraid but as an adult I was because by then I had my own child to look after. I wasn’t the average kid. Today they call it Aspergers. I know a little bit about these creatures and I don’t care who believes me or who doesn’t. In the regular sense of how we judge people I wouldn’t be considered credible. But as a great-grandmother now, looking back over my life and the things I have survived, its incredible in itself. And those are things that I can prove. So there will always be people who are in denial that the Savays exist until they have their own encounters. Don’t think someone can take a team out and the beings won’t catch on. They live in the natural world of the forest. It saddens me that so much land is being developed. If we lose our forests we lose our world. I am happy to say that some of that land next to Mountain Island Lake just outside of Charlotte has become a nature preserve. It should be. There are plants there found no where else in the world. And wherever the family of Savays went after all the developments started and they were probably driven away…I hope they found peace. If anyone has an idea to shoot one for a trophy, fame, and to prove a point: they are an idiot. Don’t think it hasn’t been tried before. The gov’t knows it. And the creatures have families too and they will be out for their own sort of justice.

  51. Has anyone ever heard of an incident at the Pump Station around 1981? It bothers me because this was a very “public” incident although it was in a very rural area. One of the large males had gotten up on a wall and was pulling on the fence and howling. There was a couple standing on the peninsula watching him and I could hear people from inside the fence yelling for him to get down. Honestly, it looked like someone was filming a sequel to King Kong. There were people out in their boats and there was a helicopter overhead. Then he dove into the water and eventually swam around the peninsula and came out of the water and walked right past me. There were several of those Sasquatches for many years that would come up from the woods between Pump Station Rd. and Abernathy Rd. to the old farm. The 1880’s house is no longer standing. At nearly 61 I really don’t care who believes me or not. I am one of the people who know they exist. One bad thing is losing the guinea fowl. The father Sasquatch got irritated with their noise, pulled some barbed wire off the fence, scooped one up and wrapped the barbed wire around it and killed it. Made me sick on my stomach.

  52. May of 1979 3 friends and I went camping, for a night. We were 13 with one 14 years old. The area Island Ford Rd Bridge, French Broad River, Transylvania Co, NC. Our camp was surrounded by thick cover a cornfield and the river. It had gotten dark. We had a small fire. That no one would see. We had rocks thrown into our camp. The culprit had moved in and remained quiet. Two of us went to find the intruder. Two stayed in camp. We went toward a cow pasture fence, on the far side of the corn field. The fog hung off the ground. It was clearer up to 4 or so feet. Then the fog got thicker. We saw a dark figure cross the fence. It appeared. It crossed the fence very easily. It stopped giving a clearer look, across the fence. The fog partly blocked the view. I thought. It was a Black Angus Cow. The next few times I saw it. It moved toward the river. It moved very smoothly, and quickly. The fog made the figure, or figures appeared shadowy. It or they moved silently. We found no tracks. There were no cattle in the field.
    My cousin and I decided to go camping near Pilot Mountain, Pisgah National Forest. It began to pour rain. We stopped and built a fire. It got dark. We had a rock tossed into our camp. We shined a cheap flashlight into the area. We saw nothing. This one occurred in the late 1980s.
    There have been other times rock throwing has occurred.

  53. There are a lot of stories recounted in these comments. I hope that people will take the time to contact the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization at: Currently, there are 107 sightings from NC listed on the site, the most recent being from July 2022.

  54. I had an encounter in 2015 near Highlands, Cashiers. I helped a family that had been scared off their land after they accidentally flooded the cave the Sasquatch lived in on the land. I have since helped many people all over the world with their Sasquatch experience.
    I live near Marshall and have just found a property near Burnsville with high activity that I frequent. I am interested in the Hot Springs, Spring Creek, Trust, Luck area and wonder if anyone here has any stories from those areas.
    Feel free to contact me if you need help or have a story, I stay confidential and will keep you anonymous.
    Find me on Youtube , search Sasquatch Diplomacy.

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