More of “What’s new?”

I’ve been catching up on the new additions to the North Carolina Collection and today I added over 200 more titles to our “What’s New in the North Carolina Collection?” page. To be more exact, today’s list has 217 new titles, including more than 50 books of poetry, 35 works of fiction, 11 biographies, two books on North Carolina’s wild horses, and nifty foreign language editions of Charles Frazier (Cold Mountain in Polish), Kaye Gibbons (Ellen Foster in French), Sarah Dessen (This Lullaby in German), and Jim Grimsley (Comfort and Joy in German). Check out the full list by clicking on the link in this entry or by clicking on the “What’s New in the North Carolina Collection?” link under the heading “Pages” in the right column. As always, full citations for all the new titles can be found in the University Library catalog and they are all available for use in the North Carolina Collection Reading Room.

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