Souvenir Postcard Booklet of Lake Lure

Our postcard collections include a wide variety of styles and materials, and we try to represent the different types of postcards in our digital collection, including examples of real photograph, leather, and wood cards.

In addition to postcards of different media, we also have postcards with unique formats.  Grouped with our over-sized postcards are a lot of souvenir postcard booklets from various tourist attractions across the state, many of them dating to the 1940s.  These postcard booklets feature an accordion-style strip of different postcard views of a particular place, which could be folded up into their cover and mailed just like other postcards, but required more postage.

We’ve recently uploaded our first postcard booklet to North Carolina Postcards, showing scenes from Lake Lure and Chimney Rock.  Located in Rutherford County, Lake Lure was created for a resort development in 1928 and has been the location for scenes in many famous movies, including Dirty Dancing and Forrest Gump.  The booklet is presented online as a single object with many components so that we could display each of the twenty one cards as well as the front and back covers, while keeping all the images together as a group.  Each card’s title is listed along the left-hand side of the screen, and clicking on the title will open the accompanying image.  You can also use the “previous page” and “next page” links to scroll through the series of images.