New Mural At UNC School of Government

If you’ve ever visited the Knapp-Sanders Building on UNC’s campus, you’ve probably noticed one of the large murals adorning the interior. Commissioned in 1954, the murals were painted by Frances Vandeveer Kughler and depict events and themes important to North Carolina’s development. [To view images of the murals and read more about them see:]

You may also have noticed that very few minorities are represented in any of the original murals. According to the School of Government’s website, they and others noticed this as well, and they set about to correct this historical oversight. The result is “a single 5′ x 50′ painting, visually consist[ing] of eight panels, each representing an event, place, or particular accomplishment in the history of North Carolina.”

If you can’t make it by the Knapp-Sanders Building to see the mural in person, the School of Government has a nice web page that allows you to see the entire panel or you can click on a portion of it to see a section in detail. The site also has a description of the individuals and events that are depicted. Check it out at: THE STORY OF SERVICE.