North Carolina’s “Moon Trees”

I noticed the following article in a clipping (from an issue of USA Today) posted at my local coffee shop:

NASA launches search for ‘moon trees’

Of course, this led me to wonder where North Carolina’s “moon trees” are located. According to NASA’s Moon Tree web page, we have two known trees (both sycamores), one in the Botanical Gardens at Asheville and one at the Cradle of Forestry in Pisgah Forest. I wonder if there are any others?

6 thoughts on “North Carolina’s “Moon Trees””

  1. Idle thought: If the moon tree planting were being undertaken today, it surely would have its own web page from the start, and the fate of each tree would be tracked systematically. Now, instead, the Internet is being called on to reconstruct the diaspora. Imagine attempting such a project without it!

  2. Google Maps shows a Moon Tree in Kerr Park in Rowan County
    (east of Salisbury near Millbridge community) The NASA page
    doesn’t list it, so I don’t know the species.

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